Case Studies

A new business that has no online presence

AAAPlantation Shutters has no online presence, We at InfinityMedia, created a unique strategy to build their customer base and in just 3 months we got 60-70% conversion rate.

Main Challenge

No progression towards any type of stable growth. Every month, results are a finger-cross; hoping that customers will simply ring up to book an appointment.

Business relies mainly on Home Show and other home related exhibitions and events.

A constant up and down cycle of bookings that occasionally get results before drying up. Engagements are booked ad hoc.

We Develop A Unique

The new business is referred to us via one of our satisfied clients.

We conduct a market analysis and determine that they provide good quality products at a competitive price when compared to their competitors.

We create a streamlined sales funnel that will connect with their customers.

Website/Landing Page

We create new irresistible offers.

  • Multiple Ad copy
  • Multiple Campaigns
  • Continuous improvement on the Ad content


  • One customer value is 1K – 3K on Average
  • (40 – 50) Actual appointment from the leads monthly – 60 – 70% conversions rate appointment
  • Cost per lead is $10 on average. From May 2020, this has been optimised down to $4 – $6 per lead
Total leads from Facebook
Leads per month

What our client say

Formula for attracting
mass market


This is 97% of your market

What stop them?

  • Risk of choosing the wrong one
  • Trust
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Not enough knowledge on Shutters

How to reduce risks for 97% market

  • First: Guarantee their desired results. (Customers want the best quality at an affordable price).
  • Second: We need to offer free value.
How can we reduce the Risks for our client without providing this Guarantee?
  • 7 things you need to know about shutters before you buy them (PDF – free download).
  • Having a clear step-by-step process for service delivery with a guaranteed timeline.
  • Show them case studies/testimonials.
  • Really knowing their problem and articulating a clear bullet point list of solutions for their problem. This should include all required inputs/resources from them, and the time required, in order to justify the length of service delivery.

How to get them Interested

  • First, we need to change communication channel.

  • Social Media is a very noisy Platform, so communication should take place on a more private Platform.
  • Email Marketing with high value content on Plantation Shutter content will be the best way to keep customers interested and convert them when they are ready to buy.